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September 06, 2011


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Love love love. The book is amazing. I read it out loud to Gabe on our road trip to Cali while the girls watched DVDs...I started talking like a southern black woman as well! "Ady, you a good girl!" Haha! This movie will NOT disappoint! So, so good. One of the better movies I've seen in a long while.
What are you reading after the Help? I'm ready for another good book! :)

Jennifer Pittard

"Oh Law!" I'm right there with you ... I heard Aibileen in my head & out of my mouth(!) the whole time I read the book & for days afterwards (glad to know I'm not alone!). Oh & I sure wish I could cook like Minnie. A group of friends passed around the same copy of "The Help" this spring & we all went together to see it this summer -- there was applause at the end of the movie (when was the last time you saw a movie that people clapped at the end - maybe "Apollo 13" ... in '95!). I look forward to hearing what you think about it -- I thought they cast Aibileen, Minnie & Cecilia right on & did a great job with the 60's setting & clothes. Overall I think they did a good job turning a great book into a movie. Take your kleenex!

Oh & like Kayla - I'd like to know what you are reading next? I finally dove into the world of Francine Rivers. Last month I read "Redeeming Love" (loved it!) & "Her Mother's Hope", this week I read, the follow up "Her Daughter's Dream" - have you read those 2, yet? Makes you ponder relationships, how miscommunications & faulty perceptions can impact generations (of women, no less!).

Is this the longest comment ever? I should have just called you! I'll be thinking of y'all this weekend - praying for safe travels & a good visit with your Dad. Have fun, be safe -- love you!

TJ Wilson

A - strikes a chord, bc this is such a great story. I only saw the film - had the book in my hands last summer and regret never reading it. but - whew - a story that sticks!

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