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March 15, 2011


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Kara Piehl

I'm so excited!!! Thank you friend.

I have to laugh at Gracie, my kids are the same way and we're trying to be good and get rid of our sugar too. I remember when Elizabeth was 3, she begged for more little tress (broccoli) after dinner. :)

Love you.


Thanks Amy! How exciting!

Fun post! Gabe would have said "Really?" in the same tone. Boys don't understand why we would want to "mess" with good meat. LOL.
So sorry your dessert was a disappointment. :-( I heard a saying the other day that I've been incorporating. It says "Life is too short for stale cake." Haha! In other words...don't waste your time eating something you don't enjoy! If its stale...or not your favorite...or just "ok"...(or way too rich! haha!) don't waste your calories. I've passed on some "stale cookies" this week. Now if I could get my kids asking for carrots...! Impressive! ;-)

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